How Does Online Gambling Works?

The growing popularity of gambling platforms like Dream11 and Paytm First Games raises questions about whether they are proxies for online gambling live casino online. They involve financial transactions but are currently classified as a game of skills.

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What is gambling?

  • The constitution of India defines gambling.
  • It says that gambling includes any activities or undertaking whose determination is controlled or influenced by chance or accident or any activity or undertaking entered into or undertaken with the consciousness of the risk of winning or losing.
  • It does suggest that anything, where you can risk money to win money could be considered gambling.

What is online gambling?

  • Online gambling is any gambling conducted on the internet
  • This includes virtual poker, casinos, and sports betting.
  • Today the market is worth around $40 billion globally each year.
  • This classification is a function of time spent on games casino online 12Joker, commitment levels, the complexity of gameplay and intention behind playing games.

The market of online gambling in India

  • The Indian gambling market is estimated to be worth $60 billion per year, with half of that being estimated to illegal gambling.
  • These skill-based games themselves could cross a billion dollars in value and growing around 30% annually.

The Global Scenario

  • The global gambling market is expected to reach over $525 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 4% during 2017-2023.
  • The demand for online games and increasing penetration of mobile applications across the US, Italy, the UK, and the china& SAR region will help attract new players in this market over the next few years

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Factors pushing up the online gambling market

COVID-19 impact on online gambling


  • The impact ofCovid-19 on gambling and gambling behaviours has been profound.
  • The pandemic and the quarantine have not stopped the demand for gambling or the actual offerings of gambling activities
  • And that is something to worry about, especially if there are no protections in place for vulnerable people

The current law on online gambling

  • As far as India is worried, there is no unmistakable administrative system that can be viewed to choose lawfulness or illicitness of online rummy, online games, dream sports, and so forth 
  • Foreign organizations that offer their assistance to Indian players are permitted to work lawfully in the country. 
  • Gambling and wagering are state subject. 
  • The Public Gambling Act,1867, is the focal institution on the subject, received by India’s specific provinces like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, etc.

How is online gambling taxed?

  • Since playing on seaward online gambling club destinations is viewed as lawful, any rewards can be burdened. 
  • The weight of paying the expense is moved to the players as these gambling club destinations can’t utilize TDS like homegrown organizations. 
  • This prompts tax avoidance as it depends on the great individual will to report their rewards.

Negative effects of online gambling

  • Money Laundering

  • Addiction and Crime

  • Computer Hacking

  • Gambling Disorder


It is a fact that no clear regulation is in place for online gambling in India, which is giving a boost to the illegal and unnecessary online gambling market. We also know that the negative effect outweighs the positive factors 

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